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abstract = {Abstract As a major greenhouse gas, methane, which is directly vented from the coal-mine to the atmosphere, has not yet drawn sufficient attention. To address this problem, we report a methane nano-trap that features oppositely adjacent open metal sites and dense alkyl groups in a metal–organic framework (MOF). The alkyl MOF-based methane nano-trap exhibits a record-high methane uptake and CH4/N2 selectivity at 298 K and 1 bar. The methane molecules trapped within the alkyl MOF were crystalographically identified by single-crystal X-ray diffraction experiments, which in combination with molecular simulation studies unveiled the methane adsorption mechanism within the MOF-based nano-trap. The IAST calculations and the breakthrough experiments revealed that the alkyl MOF-based methane nano-trap is a new benchmark for CH4/N2 separation, thereby providing a new perspective for capturing methane from coal-mine methane to recover fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.},