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title  ="Novel mode of 2-fold interpenetration observed in a primitive cubic network of formula [Ni(1{,}2-bis(4-pyridyl)acetylene)2(Cr2O7)]n",
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abstract  ="A primitive cubic (pcu) network of formula [Ni(1{,}2-bis(4-pyridyl)acetylene)2(Cr2O7)]n{,} DICRO-2-Ni-i{,} has been synthesised and found to exhibit a novel type of inclined 2-fold interpenetration and an isosteric heat of adsorption (Qst) of 30.5 kJ mol-1 towards CO2 at zero loading. Qst is relatively high in the broad context but less than that observed in related hybrid ultramicroporous materials{,} a feature that can be understood after studying pore structure and molecular simulations of CO2 adsorption."}