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Maddox Shaw Montessori Fund Raiser

Meet the Mighty Maddox

My name is Maddox Shaw and I am asking for your support. You can call me the Mighty Maddox. I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in December, 2009. In January 2010, my birth mom was one of the 250,000 people killed in the enormous earthquake that destroyed much of Haiti. I wasn’t even 3 weeks old. In one way I was lucky my birth mom went alone to the church food pantry that day because the church collapsed in the earthquake, killing everyone inside. I never got to see, smell or hear my birth mom again. To the right is my new mom Keiba with me when I was getting to know her—I was in some rough conditions waiting for a second chance in Haiti and you can tell I knew better times were ahead! Since then, I, the Mighty Maddox, have been making the most of my second chance in life and excelling in my studies in Montessori school. To stay in the Montessori school that has allowed me to flourish I need financial support from generous people like you.

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